I farted on the principals head

When I was in High School we had a temporary Principal for one year while the school board was looking for a permanent Principal.  This guy was named Mr. Lash and he looked like Wes Clarke.

Him and I never saw eye-to-eye and he had discussions with my parents on a few different occassions.  Anyway, for some reason or another I was sitting in “in house suspension”  which at the time was a desk located in the High School office right outside the Principals door.  It was one of those desk/chair combos and directly behind the chair was a mini-refrigerator where the secretaries and office staff kept their lunch and yogurt and whatever else.

So I’m sitting there half asleep with my head on the desk trying to block out the secretaries answering phones.  It was about 10am and I guess Mr. Lash was getting hungry and wanted a snack.  He comes out of his office and goes over to the mini-fridge behind me and bends down behind me and starts rumaging around inside looking for his yogurt.

Right then I let out a big stinky fart right on his head.  I didn’t plan it or anything, it just came out.  He straightened up and just looked at me.  Didn’t say a word.  Just stared at me for about 5 seconds and turned around and went back in his office and shut the door.

That was pretty cool and I told all my friends about it.  I don’t think they believed me though.


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6 Responses to “I farted on the principals head”

  1. Joe DiMaggio Says:

    I’m glad your proudest moment came when you were 13 years old in detention… you sir, are a true badass… now go beat up a kid and steal his chocolate milk… keep the good times rollin

  2. Jason Says:


  3. crunchy Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I would have been pissed. There’s no way I wouldn’t have kicked your ass for that. This reminds me of this police brutality video I saw on Digitalfuntown.com . . . Frikkin hilarious.


  4. hellyeah Says:

    Hell yeah! Fart on that bastards head! Toot Toot motherfucker!

  5. Tony Volante Says:

    Post that there fore all the booty lovers to see

  6. Tony Volante Says:


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